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The VHF radio SE-011 was used onboard the Swiss Air Force Hawker Hunter Mk 6; after 1958 some 160 airplanes of this type have been in service, most of them were single-seaters (Mk 58), some double seaters (Mk 68) were used as trainer aircrafts.
The original VHF transceivers have been replaced by the SE-011, a very compact VHF radio with digital frequency and channel display after 1983.
The Swiss Air Force "Hunters" have been faded out in 1994.


108 - 159,975 MHz, 25 kHz steps
channel numbers 101 - 199

A3 (telephony), pout high: 30 / low: 8 +/- 3 W




In all Hawker "Hunter" aircrafts of the Swiss Air Force, new VHF radios have been installed in 1983, the SE-011 comes with digital display of the frequency and channel number.

The transceiver has a keypad to enter two or three digit channel numbers or the operation frequency directly, the ENter key is used to set the radio to the new frequency. The output power can be set to high (aorund 30 Watts) or low 8 +/- 3 Watts).
The set has an automatic gard receiver to set the transceiver to the international emergency frequency of 121,5 MHz by pressing one single button.

There is a control box for the intercom from which, the VHF radio SE-011 (marked by a red dot) or the very similar UHF radio SE-056 (marked by a green dot) can be selected.

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further information:
Information from the Hawker Hunter manual.

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