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I do my best trying the links from time to time, please contact me if You find a link to a site not available anymore.

Links to Websites about Radiocommunications / Radio / Wireless Equipment


Radiokatalog und Forum: mehr als 74'500 Radios mit mehr als 38'000 Schaltplänen; 39'000 Bilder, Forum.
Swiss based Radiomuseum.org project is a virtual radio museum faounded by Mr Ernst Erb. In the database You find informations about thousands of domestic radios, the number of ham or commercial sets registered is growing from month to month.
Downloading full size images and schematics / technical or alignment informations is open only to members contribution their images and schematics to the site. Excellent discussion boards.

Links to Websites about Swiss Army Wireless Communications

www.ig-uem.ch Website of the Interest Group of Swiss Army Signal Troops

Links to Websites about Swiss Army Microwave Communications


Links to Websites about the History of the Swiss Army


Links to Websites about Military Communications in other countries

You might find some more links to sites about receivers from a manufacturer at the bottom of the manufacturer's main page.