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On this page, You can find my contact informations and some personal background informations.

You can contact me using

I am happy to answer short radio related questions (as far as my spare time will allow) and might help with copies of technical informations I cannot load on my website for copyright reasons.
I'm not a technical expert, I do not repair or sell shortwave receivers and I don't have any commercial interests with my web site.

about me

I started shortwave listening when I attended cantonal school in 1983, over all the years I could use very many different receivers for shortwave signal "hunting".
For my first experiences with shortwave reception, I used a "Crusader" all wave receiver, later I could swap that set for a Grundig Satellit 3400. From my savings during the obligatory military service, I could afford a modified Icom R-70.

From shortwave reception, a second hobby emerged: I could collect a few shortwave receivers representing milestones in the development of "World band radios" from the sixties to the nineties.

For many years, i'm a member of the German shortwave listeners club AgDX, I also take care for ham, commercial and military equipment at www.radiomuseum.org, You can also find am overview of my collection there.

I work as a general practicioner and specialist for internal medicine in the village of Beringen in the northernmost bit of Switzerland, quite near to the famous cascades of River Rhine.