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überarbeitet am 5.1.2013

In the "varia" section You will informations about what's new on my Radio Pages.

  • 6/2013: Update of the Synoptic Table and introduction of the illustrated Synoptic Table in the English language section.
  • 5/2013: Update of Accessories page with teletype and ciphering equipment.
  • 1/2013: SE-2xx Portable Sets updated, data about some rarer equipment added.
  • 1/2013: SE-Oxx Aeronautical Ground Station pages added.
  • 12/2012: SE-Oxx pages added. I started to give a summary on communications equipment used by the Swiss Air Force in Summer 2012 in german language, now I have added English language translations of most aircraft radios in the Transceivers SE-0xx (airborne equipment) section.
  • 9/2010: "face lift" of the main pages from the older section "Army equipment" of my website www.dr-boesch.ch, the first files are uploaded. Still very many English language files missing.
  • 8/2010: I have registered the website www.armyradio.ch for this project of a english - german language survey of Swiss Army communications equipment. Many of the sets, I have in my collection and I feel happy to share the images and some technical informations, as from my point of view, a more or less complete list of Swiss Army communications equipment is not yet published on the net.
    Some Swiss Made sets are real marvels that are nearly impossible to be found in countries outside Switzerland, so I'm happy to virtually share some highlights of Swiss engineering with You.

Copyright issues

  • All the texts marked with © Martin Bösch, I have written or compiled personally, You might find some illistrations from catalogues, advertisements or original manufacturer's manuals.
  • Quite often, I encountered links in eBay or text references to receiver portraits on my website, with this I have no problems.
  • For a link exchange with a non-commercial shortwave or shortwave listeners site, please contact me by email. I only have links to sites without commercial interests.
  • Quite often I find text passages from my site or even images from my radios directly pasted in an online auction offer, e.g. eBay. Doing this, You violate my copyright and I may inform eBay so this might result in loss of Your eBay identity and credit points.
  • In case, You find images from Your website on my pages, please inform me, so I can take it off or give You proper credit. All the informations on my site are provided without any commercial interest.
  • By the way: this is not a mail order catalogue, I will not sell any sets. Maybe we could discuss a swap - but don't be too much disappointed when I decide to keep a set, and that will be the case very often.