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The Swiss Air Force planned an order of fighter aircrafts Messerschmitt Bf 109 E in Germany. Because they were not yet available due to Germany's entry in World War II, Switzerland did acquire 10 aircrafts of the variant Bf 109 D which were already available and were delivered in 1939, completely equipped with the Telefunken on-board wireless station FuG VII a. As the receiver which made originally part of the equipment showed no sufficient performance, it was replaced by the superior receiver Telefunken E 406 F (which was a part of FG IV equipment).

Transmitter / Receiver,

Receiver Telefunken E 406 F: 2500 - 3750 kHz (80 - 120 m)

Transmitter Telefunken Baumuster 6 a: 2500 - 3750 kHz (80 - 120 m)

A1, A3, pout 20 / 7 W



Dynamotor power supply

Regarding the planned procurement of Messerschmitt Bf 109 E fighter aircraft, ten airplanes of the already available variant Messerschmitt Bf 109 D were ordered in 1938 and delivered to Switzerland in 1939. They were used as trainer aircraft.
These aircraft were already equipped with the German FuG VIIa, as the receiver section has been considered as poor performer, it was replaced by the superior Telefunken E 406 F superhet, which also made part of the aircraft wireless station FG IV.
The airplanes Bf 109 D with the still installed FG II have been liquidated in 1949.

The receiver Telefunken E 406 F comes with five valves NF 4, the superhet receiver covers the 2500 - 3750 kHz shortwave range.
the transmitter Telefunken Type 6 a of the original German FuG VII also covers 2500 - 2750 kHz, a REN 904 acts as oscillator calve, another REN 904 as modulator und two RES 664 d in the RF final stage.

I would be very thankful for further information and images.

further information:
Information from the Swiss Air Force Museum Dubendorf, where the equipment is displayed.
d: Telefunken Datenblatt zur Sende- Empfangsanlage für Flugzeuge Stat 1007a F (FuG VIIa)

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