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The Siemens Stg 100 teleprinter was widely used in the Swiss Army for wire bound teletype communications and also connected to the SE-430 for wireless teletype communication.
The equipment came in two heavy wooden crates (Crate A with the teletype machine, 83 kg and Crate B with the power supply, single tone telegraphy adaptor (Einton-Telegraphiegerät 60) and an adaptor for simultaneous transmissions (Simultangerät 60), 131 kg. To operate in the telex network, the Universal - Fernschaltgerät UFG 62 was necessary to communicate over the postal telex network.
2500 unites were ordered after 1959 Anlagen and another 650 teletype machines could be purchased as surplus from the Swiss PTT (post and telegraph services) in 1985.


CCITT No.2 / Baudot; 50 (75) Baud

The Siemens & Halske Stg-100 is a page teleprinter operated with baudot code signals (CCITT No.2. / Baudot Code 50 Baud), it can be set to 75 Baud for special purposes. The teleprinter comes with a keybord, a punched tape transmitter and a perforator and has an automatic "Here is" key which emits the station identification.

The Stg 100 was used as standard teleprinter of the Swiss Army Signals, here the setup with the Speisegerät SG-61 (power supply), Simultangerät SIM-60 (simultaneous use adaptor) and Eintontelegraphiegerät ETT-60 (single tone telegraphy adaptor) is shown.

The CCITT-encrypting device Telecrypto Model 61 can be used to transmit encrypted messages.

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