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After tests with the first low power set using the VHF range, there was an increasing demand for communications equipment using duplex and multichannel technology.
In 1942, Brown Boveri started development of a microwave wireless set, the so-called TLD (tragbare leichte Dezimeterstation = "portable light decimetric wave station"). Because of lacking supplies of some Wehrmacht tubes, BBC manufactured the necessary three types of valves in their own plant - but the set could be used for reliable operations not before the end of WWII when German made tubes became available again.
In the seventies, the not very popular "dinosaur" has been replaced by the portable sold state multichannel microwave communications unit R-902 - the Swiss Army relied on this for many years.

Microwave Communications Technology

Dezimeter - Kleinstation K-Dm
"Dezimetric wave miniature set K-Dm" Hasler H223b
440 - 517 MHz, CW, AM, Pout 1 W;
portable "backpack" set, battery powered
Tragbare leichte Dezimeterstation TLD
"Portable Light Dezimetric wave Station"
BBC SET 11/2
330 - 355 MHz, FM, Pout 2W;
microwave communications set for single or multichannel duplex operation; telegraphy / telephony, radio teletype, optional ciphering unit
TLD Dezimeterstation
Richtstrahlstation UKR / RB
BBC IM 23b
1,85 - 2,15 GHz, FM, Pout 50 mW;
Complete station consisting of five racks: Transmitter/Receiver, Service communications channel, Channel distributor, Channel collector, Ciphering unit.
The completely valve equipped station could be used for a total of 11 duplex telephone connections, in 1970 this station has been improved with partly solid state technology and a ciphering unit has been added.
UKR Richtstrahlanlage
Richtstrahlstation R-901: Prototype !
STR (Standard Telephon Radio, Zürich)
325 - 400 MHz, 6 channels, only prototypes for test use
(Klein-)Richtstrahlstation R-902
"(Small) Microwave communication unit R-902"
7,78 - 8,1 GHz,
Microwave communications station, 15 channels duplex operation, four multi-channel unitd could be added to reach 60 speech channels, around 1988 a digital ciphering system has been added.
(Klein-)Richtstrahlstation R-905
"(Small) Microwave communication unit R-905"
14,6 - 15,2 GHz, microvave communications set, used with ciphering unit
Richtstrahlstation R-915
STR (Standard Telephon Radio, Zürich)
4,4 - 5 GHz, microwave communication unit, 60 channels
Richtstrahlstation R-916
Alcatel Schweiz AG
4,4 - 5 GHz, microwave communications unit