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The printer unit (Schreibgerät = Writing Device) SR200b makes part of the an automatic high speed telegraphy system "MFA" produced by Moser Baer, Sumiswald in the fourties.

High Speed Telegraphy System MFA

Printing Unit SR 200b

The Printer Unit (Schreibgerät) SR 200b prints the morse code message on a paper tape, the transcription of the morse code to plain text is done manually.
For operation, the three knobs marked red on the frontpanel have to be set to the A (open) position and the chassis can be pulled out slightly. The paper tape is fed to the printer head from the bottom paper drawer, when the printer runs out of paper, the paper tape from the upper paper drawer is fed to the printing head and the empty bottom draer can be pulled out. After refill, it will be inserted in the upper position again.
The printing unit is connected to the audio / line out jack of a shortwave receiver, the amplification can be set for reliable copy of the morse code dots ans dashes and the speed can be varied using the "langsam (slow) - schnell (fast)" control.

A paper tape transport unit can be used to pull the paper tape with variable speed to have the hands free for writing the letters down when decoding a message.
Moser-Baer Streifenzieher

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