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After the end of World War II, the Swiss Army purchased the "Tank hunter Hetzer" / G13 which had been produced for the German Wehrmacht by Skoda works, as well as large numbers of the legendary "Jeeps" from U.S. war surplus.
Brown Bovery developed a two channel frequency modulated wireless station, which did fit inside the equipment bays of the tank destroyers; it was based on a vehicle station EF21 intended for use of police and fire brigades.

Transmitter / Receiver,

two crystal controlled fixed frequencies,
30 - 42 MHz.

FM (F3)

pout F3 30 W

Receiver: double conversion, 1st IF 8,5 MHz, 2nd IF 3,5 MHz

< 1 uV

Reglement Funkstation SEF

The vehicle wireless station SE-202 / SEF has been developed by Brown Boveri and came in two variants: the "Jeep station" and the "tank hunter station" to be installed in the Panzerjäger "Hetzer" / G-13.
Later it has seen fixed use for training and in "mountain stations" of the Air Force.

The set consists of two metal cases with the receiver and the transmitter and a control unit, which was simple for the "Jeep station" and equipped with an on-board intercom for the "tank hunter station".

The metal containerd of the transmitter and receiver are stored in a equipment bay in the tank destroyer and under metal covers at both sides of the rear sets of the jeep.
The control unit has a simple channel selector to switch one of the channels "A" and "B", a volume control and the one of the tank destroyer a switch and volume control for the "BV" (on-board intercom) at the right side of the front panel

SE-202 Bediengerät

  Transmitter Receiver Control Unit
SE-202/m "Jeep" (BBC: CF 41) SF 21 EF 21 KF 21
SE-202/m "Pzj" (tank hunter) (BBC: CF 63) SF 21 EF 21 KF 32 (with on-board intercom)
SE-202 (fixed service) SO 21 EO 21 KF 32

In the years 1948/49 165 ex. of the "tank hunter" CF63 and 58 ex. of the CF41 "jeep" have been acquired, the last SE-202 have been faded out in 1973.

further information:
d: Die Funkstation SE-202 (SEF), Reglement 58.111d
d: Sprechfunkstation "SEF" at www.hamfu.ch, the website of IgUem

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